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Capitalizing on the recent zombie craze, singer/songwriter Barry Keenan released a deliciously ridiculous music video poking fun at the zombie apocalypse trope for his single "UUU Yeah U", an adrenaline pumping rock song with strong riffs and pounding beats. The music video follows Keenan as he relentlessly texts to a girl of his affections, completely oblivious to the zombies and mayhem around him. Shots of zombies and news reports on the impending apocalypse are interpolated in between shots of Keenan tapping cluelessly on his phone. Amidst the chaos, the band performs while fighting off zombie hordes. The insanity climaxes at the song's break, with the zombies clapping and dancing to the music and the band fighting them off with their fire-spitting instruments. High-octave, crazy, and cheeky in the best way, Keenan's MV is great, hilarious fun.