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Howard Stern Remix Lyrics Your one of the most spectacular women I’ve ever seen. You Look more beautiful than I can ever remember. Like you’ve only banged like what three guys. I might get jealous. Do you touch yourself a lot? You’re hotter than Megan Fox. Can’t Look Better Than That! Turn around show me your ass. You love dirty talk during sex. I too like the natural breasts those boobies are great right? Her legs are a real ten right? What do you do Pilates? Ever had that perfect ass eaten? Maybe you’re Up For it. Whoa! Beautiful body... you do porno? My God you are something else. Boy! There is nothing wrong with you. Saw the ass I said; this girl I'm banging. I don’t think even Angelina Jolie is as hot as you (not even close). Never banged Christy Brinkley’s husband did you? Right Benji, There’s a new girl for you. HOOK Maroni me! Never looked more lovely. 16. Start Talking Dirty. Love this dominatrix shit! I’ll be honest. I've never had my ass licked. Booyah! Just take your clothes off Pretend you’re with me and tell me what to do. She by the way had a lot of success; She became a centerfold that’s Some Girl! And ended up in Pauly Shore's bed, every girls dream. Like let’s get in bed, pretend to be Chinese. BOOYAH! You know what a hot chick with low self esteem is? A homerun you’re so beautiful I want to see your breasts. I want you to raise your right hand and say I swear to God. If I get in playboy (If I get in playboy) I will not fuck Pauly shore. You sound a little like Dracula. You Sound like your great in bed. Has anyone ever told you that you could be in playboy? You’re a Wild child. Treat these two gorgeous women like uh your bitches. You Melted My Heart. You’re sexy as hell. I’m a dr. You Are Gorgeous. You are a great girl. 38. Let me see your ass. Whatever you’re doing, it’s right. Believe me, girl looks like you, I'm focusing wearing you down until you put out. Don’t know if I can handle you as my girlfriend. I want you to myself. You got a...