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Watch the behind the scenes of how these videos go down in the link below!!! Music was done by my friends, Radical Something, called "Start Livin". Download the song on iTunes! Free Download: Listen on YouTube: Facebook Page: The tube we used, aka "jumbo dog", we got from this website! They have all the summer toys you can think of. The way we used the jumbo dog was not they way it was intended, just a heads up :) Here's a link to the website where you can get a any water sport toys like the jumbo dog. Edited by my friend Parker Walbeck. Check out his youtube channel as well! For all the GoPro shots, we hooked the camera to a Go-Scope, and it worked out great. For all those asking, here is the pole I used. Make sure to follow me on instagram, facebook, and twitter, it's the cool thing to do these days :) It's also where I let people know how to be involved in my videos. For business enquires ONLY, contact me here: ___________________________________________________________ Best extreme sports video contests now on‬! JOIN RIDERS MATCH : Facebook :‬ Twitter :!/ridersmatch‬ Google + :‬