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or know that nine percent of our pay gets put into superannuation each fortnight.It's money set aside for us to live on in our retirement. The government makes a contribution too.Usually the most beneifts go to those with the least, when it comes to super, it's different. It's only super for some.The richest ten percent of people get fifteen billion in deductions, while the poorest ten percent receive nothing. It's a recipe for inequality.The way that the government contributes to some people's superannuation is by letting them pay less tax. This is called tax concessions, and this year they cost around thirty billion per year.The treasury predicts that by 2015, they will cost us forty-five billion per year.So, what would you do if you had forty-five billion dollars to distribute? Divide it up evenly so that everyone retires happy? Sorry, not in the land of the fairgo.Give more to those who have the least? Or would you give the largest slice to those with the most?One third of that forty-five billion will be handed to the wealthiest ten percent. By 2015, these handouts to the richest will cost you fifteen billion a year.While zero - that's right, nothing - goes to the poorest ten percent.In, fact the top ten percent of people get more than the bottom sixty-nine percent of wage earners.Is it a fair go to give Australian's wealthiest people an extra fifteen billion per year when they already have more than enough? That money could be used to help the poorest in their retirement or infrastructure, education, health;anything our community needs.But as it is now, super is only super for some.