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Here is where I already tried to explain it: Mike claims, "A piece in the documentary "9/11 Science & Conspiracy" by National Geographic goes to great lengths to debunk the idea that thermite could have brought down the twin towers.National Geographic stages a demonstration to prove that Thermite would not have cut the beans of the World Trade Towers. So, if thermite could not have cut it, neither would a much cooler office fire. And National Geographic cannot explain the obvious cut beam seen in the photo below." (the photo I show in this video) This is his post: SEE THESE VIDEOS: makes the claim that the photo he shows (photo #5100) "demonstrates that the WTC beams were not cut by welders. Because of fuel and time constraints welders would have used a cutting torch to cut the shortest distance possible - straight across the beams. Also, cutting torches cut by forced oxidation, therefore the? large amount of once liquid metal congealed on the beam would not be present." ? Yet photo #5102 clearly shows that those assumptions are false. PLEASE SEE THESE VIDEOS: