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Mountains of bottled water... and bag after bag of donated clothes... items all set to go to flood victims throughout Thailand. Volunteers in Bangkok packed food, medical supplies, and toiletries for the some 2.3 million people affected in much of the country's north, northeast and central plains. Bangkok itself is preparing for the worst with forecasters saying the flood waters will reach the city in a matter of days. This could be what's to come... Just north of the capital, residents in Ayutthaya province leave their homes, and most of their belongings behind. The region is home to several factories and industrial parks-- now all underwater. The Thai Ministry of Finance says economic growth for the country will be affected. In neighbouring Cambodia... similar scenes of flooding and devastation. Villagers move their belongings and cattle to higher ground using makeshift rafts and boats. Food and aid kits have been distributed to hundreds of families... these donations from the Japanese embassy. The aid kits include noodles, blankets and water. Severe monsoon rains that started in July have inundated the entire Southeast Asian region. More than 400 people in Cambodia and Thailand have died in flood-related incidents. Julie Noce, Reuters