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The pointy-haired android extraordinaire, Astro Boy, flies back to theatres October 23, 2009 bringing along a huge cast with it. With names like Freddie Highmore and Nicolas Cage handling voice work, this one might be one to watch.In Metro City, a scientist creates a boy robot out of grief for the son he lost. But the robot is a poor substitute for the real thing, and thus the "father" pushes his new "son" away. Thus, the boy robot goes forth through a legion of obstacles and discovers he may be the only thing that can save Metro City. If you think this sounds familiar, you're not alone. Check out the trailer.So is this one a big guy to end them all, or is it just a bit rusty? Hit our comments section and tell us what you think. Thanks for watching!Astro Boy Official movie trailer is provided courtesy of Summit Entertainment. Astro Boy is scheduled to hit theaters on October 23, 2009