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To see more go to www.VBS.tvLet's just say this episode could have been WAY worse than what you see here. Once the floodgates holding back Tim's animosity for virtually every other skater alive were opened, we realized we were probably going to have to censor it down a lot, which we did. Sorry. It's just there's so, so much you can't say about people without it constituting some form of slander. I guess that's what we get for letting money-grubbers and pussies rape our legal system for the past 20 years.Someday we'll be free to unleash his full rampage on the internet, but for now here's a little slice of shit-talking heaven. It kills us to have to pare it down like this, because Tim is really awesome and funny. Maybe if no one sues we can make this a regular feature called "Tim Wrecks Everyone in the New Thrasher." Anyways, enjoy!