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To see more, go to Erik is all around the coolest person I have ever met. The way he looks, the way he skates, the way he pushes--he's just a straight-up cool man. I remember meeting him on the first Baker tour. Jay Strickland, Scotty Copalman, Trainwreck, Knox Godoy, as well as all the people that still skate for Baker were on that trip. It was a mess. It was like the heyday of the Pissdrunx. I couldn't sleep because we put 15 people in 3 hotel rooms and you never knew when Erik or Trainwreck were going to wake you up to fight you. It was really kind of scary. But anyway, as much of a pile that Erik seems like from a distance (or when he's drunk), he's actually a very smart and thoughtful person. Did you know he invented the Hand Board? It's like a giant finger board that Tech Deck makes and every time Toys R Us sells one of those stupid things dude gets a dollar. He's secretly pretty shrewd. Right now he's got a sunglasses company and owns part of Supra Shoes.... seriously, he's a darkman in disguise. In the end though, it all comes back to skateboarding, and Erik is first and foremost an incredible skateboarder, carving his own niche in a crowded world. Any