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On Fareed Zakaria GPS this Sunday, five Arab leaders, India’s richest man, and an all-star panel on U.S. politics. First, a panel discussion on who really has the power in Washington. Does President Obama have enough to get his agenda through? Fareed asks Paul Krugman, Arianna Huffington, Ed Conard, and Mort Zuckerman about the economy, the deficit, immigration, and gun control. Then, India’s richest man sits down for his first TV interview in nearly a decade. Mukesh Ambani lets Fareed and the crew inside his 27-story home in Mumbai; it is the first time TV cameras have ever been allowed inside the reportedly $1 billion home. Finally, Fareed with the Prime Ministers of Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, the Palestinian Authority, and the Chief of Government of Morocco – all talking about the aftermath of the Arab Spring, from a discussion at Davos.