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Today on solipsistic NATION we’re going to listen to select tracks from CRL Studios and talk with the label’s founder, James Church. You may be more familiar with him as Lucid Static.

If you’re new to solipsistic NATION you might be under the impression from last week’s and today’s show that all I play is IDM and industrial, and you’d be wrong. I play the best from all genres of electronic music.

It just so happens that a few months ago I had Fariz Suliman from Dope Records on the show. He raved about CRL Studios. Up to that point I had know about Lucidstatic but I had never made the connection that he also ran a label, and once I started listening to tracks from CRL Studios I knew I had to have him on solipsistic NATION to showcase his label. The music is just that great!

It’s just coincidence I scheduled Dope Records recording artist, Tokee, and today’s show featuring CRL Studios, back to back.

Today’s mix was lovingly crafted by Chris Lacroix, AKA, DJ Siborg.

Funny thing about the mix. Behind the scenes I listen to a lot of music in order to present to you the very best in electronic music. I do a lot of this on the go so I’m constantly pulling out my iPhone and rating and noting songs that I might play in future editions of solipsistic NATION. Whenever I played DJ Siborg’s mix I’d get lost in the music and get so excited about what I was listening to that I’d pull out my phone to rate the track I’m listening to and realize “Oh, right, right, this is a mix, not an individual track.” That’s how I knew this was a great mix and I’m thrilled to share it with you!

Before I get out of Dodge, I want to apologize if I sounded kind of like a douche bag on last week’s show for talking about how quickly solipsistic NATION is growing. I’m just just excited. I always thought there was a larger audience for the show and it’s gratifying to see how many people are downloading solipsistic NATION.

Oh, and, uh, we’re at 342,116 downloads for January so far. Just in case you were wondering.

Look, I realize that Pete Tong or Tiësto probably get over 342,000 downloads a week for their podcasts. But I’m not them and I do a very different kind of show and 342,000 downloads is a big number for me. Bigger than I ever expected. So let’s keep this thing going, tell a friend, tell a stranger about the show.

I’ll make it worth your while. Join us again next for next week’s mega-ultra-awesome show featuring Mark Johnson from Zite, a beautiful news aggregator that’s become essential in producing this show! We’ll also talk with Julian Sartorius about his Beat Diary project! We’ll chat with _TLR_ and Johann Ess about their new albums they just released! We’ll also celebrate King Deluxe‘s two year anniversary and The Centrifuge and Tympanik Audio‘s five year anniversaries!

Whew. I think I just burned through my exclamation point quota for 2013.

See you next week!

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