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World champion safe cracker Jeff Sitar opens Rob's 111-year-old safe!In this episode:Rob's bars of silver, not keeping the boxes to our old toys growing up, Dave Coulier farting on the Full House set, the Full House cast reunion, the faux cast replacement for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, opening Rob's antique safe, the defunct Victor Safe and Lock Company, introducing World Champion Safe Cracker Jeff Sitar (, Jeff's background in safe cracking, working as a consultant on action/heist movies, being featured on Discovery Channel, History Channel, Good Morning America, etc., bank vault safeguards, what's Rob's safe worth?, Jeff's martial arts training, Bruce Lee, Rob-B-Hood (2006) starring Jackie Chan, Horatio Sanz vs. Kevin Smith, an amazing fan-made Star Wars Tie Fighter animation by Otaking77077, where CGI cartoon shows have gone wrong, the Coleco Dukes of Hazzard Power Cycle, toy and video game prices in 1983, and Game Show Network's dating show Baggage hosted by Jerry Springer.57 minutes -