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Special guest Bob Budiansky- acclaimed comic book writer, editor, and artist!In this episode:confusion about Peter Cullen's age on Wikipedia, the Star Wars Detours animated show from the Robot Chicken team, our interview with Bob Budiansky, his experience working with Hasbro, early expectations for the Transformers toy line, how Bob got involved with the comic book, rushing to develop the original 26 Transformers characters in 1983, limited coloring techniques in 1980s comics, "knocking out" background characters, the inspiration behind Bob's Sleepwalker Marvel comic series, former Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter, the anti-Super Man, the work atmosphere at Marvel Comics, receiving a fan letter for Transformers from Stan Lee, getting to work with Stan Lee, Marvel Universe trading cards by Impel, Bob's life after leaving Marvel, changes in the comic book industry, the overuse of comic book gimmicks in the early 1990s, Rob's movie review of Mr. Holland's Opus (1995) starring Richard Dreyfuss, the new musical chairs-themed game show Oh Sit!, Greg's movie review of Underworld: Awakening (2012) starring Kate Beckinsale, Shia LaBeouf inspired to act by Steven Seagal, Nicolas Cage being sued for not returning rental DVDs, a stupid style redux (short-shorts with pockets hanging out), Tom Green's stand-up comedy, a Transformers collector on Pawn Stars, and The Burn hosted by a disheveled Jeffrey Ross.59 minutes -