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50 calls in to Atlanta’s V-103 on The Ryan Cameron Show to talk about a few things.

He talks about his upcoming album Street King Immortal, which at this moment is scheduled to drop November 13th and he feels confident about that date. The lead single from the project “New Day” featuring Alicia Keys and Dr. Dre is currently 23 on the charts.

He talks about being rich and rapping about being broke, while rappers who are on the come up rap about the life they want.

He also spoke on when he got a tummy ache and the reason for it, basically saying it was due eating Jamaican food in France…SMH

Talked about his latest film ”Freelancers” with Oscar winners Robert DeNiro and Forest Whitaker; the latter of which he says is so good at his craft “There were points that I didn’t know whether he was acting or he was drunk.”

He talked about Oprah calling his grand mother after their 1-on-1 interview and he stands with Oprah now.

He spent the rest of the interview talking about Chief Keef and liking the idea of Chief Keef, a 16 year old rapper with a hit record.

He addressed the Lupe Fiasco vs Chief Keef situation after Lupe unintentionally aligned Chief Keef with the current state of Chicago crime, and Chief Keef being linked to the passing of another Chicago MC Lil Jojo.

Source: V103

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