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Nicki Minaj and Hot 97′s Funkmaster Flex finally squared off in a heated exchange on the air following Minaj’s abrupt cancellation of her appearance at Summer Jam this weekend.

Nicki pulled out her show after Hot 97′s Peter Rosenberg dissed her music onstage during the concert prior to her scheduled appearance.

After Flex publicly sided with Rosenberg and vowed to ‘destroy’ Minaj’s career, she appeared on his radio show to set the record straight. Here are some blurbs from the heated interview.

Nicki:“My fans at Summer Jam didn’t appreciate his comments, nor did my fans watching the live stream appreciate those comments. This wasn’t just about the 2000 people there. This was being live streamed to the world.”

Flex: “I get it. Maybe that wasn’t the best time to make that comment before you touch the stage. But that is what Rosenberg said and that’s his opinion.”

Nicki: “It’s not about his opinion. I have opinions about DJs about Hot 97 and Hot 97. But I would never come on your stage about your fans before. I’ve traveled all around the world and people come with 1 agenda–and that’s to have a good time. Not to have their favorite artist be ridiculed.

When you invite someone to their home you treat them with respect.” “I am not a quitter. I don’t back down from anything–including when people talk about me. Wayne gave me a valuable lesson last night about knowing their worth. After that disrespect, after a man goes on stage and disrespects me and calls my music bullsh*t and says this isn’t real hip hop–I still was going on stage. SHAME ON ME. Wayne Tweeted before he called me and said Nic, we not doing that.”

Flex: “I believe the show should have happened…Why couldn’t you go against him and touch the stage?”

Nicki: “I don’t go against the president of my label. before I had you or radio, I had Wayne. When Wayne says we as a Team ain’t going on that stage, then I’m not going on that stage. I stand behind his decision. Because as a woman, it doesn’t matter what people say about you, but when you put in work–I put in my work–those jokes shouldn’t have been said…..Why aren’t you addressing Wayne?”

Flex: “You always were independent and used to come up to the stations years ago. I’ve never known you to be a person to move under Lil Wayne. Why couldn’t we resolve this from 4p when this first started to 9p–in 5 hours? That’s the first time we’ve ever talked and Wayne over ruled you.”

Nicki: “For [Rosenberg] to single out the only female on the bill? That was some b*tch a** sh*t. If you a man, then go up there and talk about a man. If all you do is take shots at women. First of all you don’t know me.” “I’m not saying you went at me because I was a woman, I’m saying you shouldn’t have dissed me BECAUSE I’m a woman. I’m the only female representing on the Summer Jam Stage. You don’t see the big difference?” “Do you know where I’ve performed at? Where I used to perform 4 nights a week. I had 200 people rolling with me. There isn’t a b*tch alive who God has created on this earth who could scare me out of performing. I get money!”

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