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In this episode:long time listener Esteban in Florida returns!, difficulties keeping track of listeners, nicknames for Paunch listeners, where do our show topics come from?, Rob's pop culture deficiencies, our Stan Lee impersonation, a 1977 Stan Lee interview, our old recording secrets, Paunch in Time (Cuban Missile Crisis), the genesis of Esteban's Roboplastic Apocalypse podcast, Esteban meeting legendary cartoon voice actors at conventions, Gregg Berger (Grimlock from The Transformers) disrespected by cosplayers, the location of the Botcon conventions, old age of Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, and Michael Bell, will they turn gray when they die?, thoughts on meeting and interviewing quasi-celebrities, tidbits about our Ted Danson and Ed Begley Jr. interviews, the Paunch Show archive, the Target Deli, backstory of Rob meeting Britta Phillips, the Old Jingles of the Episode (the "Galaxy Glue" song from The Incredible Shrinking Woman and the Zoobilee Zoo theme song), Esteban seeking out Optimus Prime's creator, Transformers model kits by Revell, the reason certain robots in Transformers catalogs never appeared on the cartoon show, our review of the Transformers: Prime animated show (slow pacing, Frank Welker's Megatron voice, lack of robots, etc.), Hasbro's poor handling of the Transformers franchise, our review of the new ThunderCats series on Cartoon Network (art and music quality, non-talking Shnarf, strong backstories, etc.), Esteban meeting and aggravating Larry Kenney (original voice of Lion-O), people not posting photos of their celebrity encounters online for the public to see, the Beardo, our brief review of the new Tron: Uprising cartoon, the newly released "classic" yet low quality Voltron toys, the complicated origins of the original Voltron cartoon, the Transformers Generation 1 re-released toys, and other 1980s robot toys that deserve credit (Gobots, Robo Force, Zoids, and Starriors).156 minutes -