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In this episode:celebrity deaths (Sally Ride, Leroy Neiman, Rodney King, Ernest Borgnine, Nora Ephron, Sherman Hemsley, and Sage Stallone), Steve Martin and Steven Seagal doing bad Italian accents, the lights turned out on Bruce Springsteen's concert with Paul McCartney in London, the High Score (2006) documentary, Missile Command, was The King of Kong (starring Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe) a fraud?, a YouTube video featuring accusations by video game record holder Dwayne Richard, former and current Donkey Kong champs Tim Sczerby and Hank Chien, the Twin Galaxies video game record board, would a dog raise a human baby?, What Ever Happened To? (Teri Hatcher, Lauren Graham, and Carlos Mencia), Gallagher does a GEICO commercial, Sugar Daddy and other bad hard candy, annoying door-to-door cable television salespeople, knowledgeable forum, Dolph Lundgren is actually a chemical engineer, Fred Willard may or may not have pulled a Pee-wee Herman, Rob invented dine-in movie theaters, poor presentation of a film at an AMC theater, our interview with founder of Digital Press Videogames Joe Santulli, his decision to go from game collector to retailer, what does his wife think of his collecting?, Atari Airborne Avenger pinball wall art, what you'll find in the Digital Press store in Clifton, NJ, rare and unique items "in the wild" traded into the store, video game grading services, monthly NAVA (North Atlantic Videogame Aficionados) gatherings, the concept behind the Video Game History Museum, is the future of gaming fully downloadable content?, promoting the community aspect of gaming, our interview with Frankie V. of the Digital Press Video Game Podcast, gory horror arcade game Chiller by Exidy, the Atari Lynx, great Lynx games like Electrocop, is Sony's PlayStation Vita this generation's Lynx?, the open platform game system Ouya, a return to hobby-developed gaming like in the 1980s, Android and iOS gaming vs. traditional portable consoles, and "crowdsourcing" via Kickstarter.96.5 minutes -