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Finally! Sorry about the wait guys... anyways, here's us tracking drums in Perth Australia for Epicloud. This record is unique to me in that I became interested in simpler, commercial structures based on (I suppose) a reaction to Deconstruction and Ghost. I admit, its not too far removed, but far enough to take a few people off guard I think. Thanks to Rob Swire, Ginger and a few others for teaching me the ways of catchy songwriting in a few instances. I tend to write math equations, so learning from other peoples songs was a cool experience. Anyways, here's part one of the videos... I'm currently demo-ing the counterpart of Epicloud, 'Casualties Of Cool', which really is as far removed from this record as possible. The world tends to seem like it's shit, but I think it's more like the 10% of people who are cruel are just louder than the 90% who are decent. With Epicloud, I wanted something catchy as the flu, but with a sentiment that is romantic, positive and beautiful. Spiritual without religion and set to heavy music. Again, because some structures are 'common' (but new to me) this record is my take on what a big, epic, commercial sounding record that sings about nice stuff would sound like in Dev-land. Please dont take it as a 'sell-out' move, because it truly surprised me as well and is a 'transition' between the 4 DTP records and my upcoming musical, Z2. -more to come!!! d