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C.W. McCall Comin Back For More   


remember them, what happened to their slow Marsala celluloid. nope, still not there. all i can think of now is Cannibalism and also, about how when i was in eighth grade, me, and everyone else my age what's that? adolescence? were obsessed with the book 'Alive.'

I, perhaps, exponentially, was mega-(the proper word to indicate whatever superlative currently does the job, oh, right! sooo) obsessed, and nearly wet my pants when it came out as movie and i got to see people eat people for the first time.



C.W. McCall "Comin' Back for More"
[co-writer: Chip Davis] from

"The Real McCall: An American Storyteller"

Alfred (Alferd) G. Packer
Maneater of Colorado!
  (January 21, 1842: Allegheny County, Pa April 23, 1907)
C.W.McCall_Comin_Back_For_More.mp4Watch on Posterous WEIRDEST SONG I KNOW!

 i got to post this now before i get out of the mood that made me go find it again, after not being in my collection for the past two years, since the original posting of the link right behind this. 



In 1873, Alferd Packer, 31, left with a group of 20 others, Bingham Canyon, UT, near Salt Lake City, into the San Juan Mountains, Colorado to seek wealth mining minerals & gold... the miners soon grew hungry and desperate ...they arrived, Jan., 1874 into Chief Ouray's Ute camp, Colorado, and urged to remain until spring.     On February 9, Packer joined four other prospectors, for Los Piños, a 10-day supply of food for a 75-mile trip.

The doomed men with Packer were: Shannon Wilson Bell
Israel Swan   James Humphrey Frank "Reddy" Miller, and George "California" Noon  
     Aside from Packer, that was the last time anyone saw the men alive. Two months passed and Packer emerged alone from the wilderness, April 16. From all appearances, he had killed the others, survived off their meat, and enriched himself with their assets.
half-eaten human remains,
Slumgullion Pass, near Gunnison River, Lake City, CO.  

May 8, 1883:

[Packer gave a second confession, March 16]
Packer's statement The five men died at various stages of their journey, either from starvation or killed in self-defense from hunger-mad attacks.
Order of Death 1. I.S.
2. J.H.
3. F.M.
4. G.N.
    Packer and Bell remained: "Bell wanted to kill me," Packer confessed, "struck at me with his rifle...." Packer killed him.
Packer's trial began, April 6, 1883, Hinsdale County Courthouse, Lake City, Co. Nine years after he'd emerged from the wilderness, Alfred Packer was convicted [Friday the 13th, April 1883] of premeditated murder --Israel Swan.
Packer was condemned to be hanged by Judge Gerry, whose apocryphal sentencing is excerpted here:

"Stand up yah voracious man-eatin' sonofabitch and receive yir sitince. When yah came to Hinsdale County, there was siven dimmycrats. But you, yah et five of 'em..."
Jailed in Saguache, he escaped , vanishing for several years, until March 11, 1883, Packer was *discovered in Cheyenne, Wyoming living under the alias, John Schwartze. He was tried again and sentenced to 40 years. Through the efforts of the Denver Post, who wanted to exhibit Packer as part of a circus, his conviction was reversed on a technicality, and he was freed in 1901 from Canon City Penitentiary [two of the publishers were shot by attorney, William Anderson, who was finally acquitted; the judge saying, "Your motive was admirable, but your marksmanship abominable"].

Paroled, February 8, 1901, he worked as a guard at the Denver Post.

He died in Deer Creek, Jefferson County, CO, reputedly of "Senility - trouble & worry"--age 65. Packer became a vegetarian before his death.   He was buried in Littleton, Colorado.   His grave is marked with a veteran's tombstone. Cannibal: Alferd Packer Grave:
  6155 South Prince Street, Littleton, CO
  Littleton Cemetery  
The Alferd Packer Massacre Site, a remote wilderness in 1874, is now only five minutes south of the Lake City miniature golf course, and a very popular spot with shutterbugs. A big sign directs visitors to the spot, complete with cartoon caricatures of two mountain men, mouths agape in horror and shock as (we are left to imagine) an ax is driven into their skulls. A small rock marks THE spot, complete with a plaque listing the victims. Five tiny white crosses form a defensive line in front of it. Free brochures fill a metal box adjacent to the site, chock full of juicy tidbits about Alferd's ghastly doings.

There is some debate about the correct spelling of Packer's first name. His gravestone reads "Alfred," and there is an Alfred Packer listed in the census documents of the time. Actually, the story goes that Alfred got a tattoo which had his name. The tattooist misspelled his name "Alferd" and Packer sort of took to it, and used it except for on official documents and such.


   Relics Of Alferd Packer, American Cannibal  130 Silver St., Lake City, CO

C.W. McCall
Comin Back For More


my new favorite obsession between c.w. McCall, and a video h'm working on about an historical cannibal.

PLUS BONUS**********

Cledus Maggard - CB Lingo

Cledus_Maggard_-_CB_Lingo.mp4Watch on Posterous

It’s a grate song so it’s to bad I can not say the same about the video. .S once again why the hell is this not on iTunes.
qwer month ago
the first white rapper 
tomde months ago
@tomde obviously you can't tell a talking song from shit.
GrigoriZhukov month ago
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Send your letters and cards to Bill (CW McCall) at the address below.
Bill Fries
P.O. Bo
xOuray Colorado
He's now and it would be nice to let him know we appreciate what he did for musicColorado and the wilderness.
He won't be around much longer but I think he's still with us..
for now.
jetpoweredgriffin months ago
put simply McCall and Back For More rock.
qwer months ago
woow im and love this song and mcall
tank months ago
Nice to see ol' Willy Fries doin' what he does BEST!
Radiodj months ago
@Radiodj You have got that right!
vbdenny months ago
Old Willy Fries still looks good! Nice to see him again. I hope he does a few more videos!
Yes...this is the same CW McCall from "Convoy" fame.
nascarfan months ago
I'm so happy I finally found this!
It used to be on my Dr Demento CD but I lost that.
lilshawty months ago
@lilshawty My local library had some Dr. Demento CDs. One of those CDs had this song.
ChrisCa months ago
Thanks for posting this. I've been looking for it for a long time.
badwolf year ago
bill is around the last time i checked but he is a legend and im a young person a i love him his best song is there wont be no country music i lisend to him at night before i went to bed all the time
tank year ago
Cw McCall was born William Dale Fries Jr. on November in Audubon Iowa.
user year ago
Same with me tank. This song has really grown on me. As much as I love every song on Wolf Creek Pass and Black Bear Road this song blows them all away. Does Bill have a new CD out with more songs?
Just excellent. Awesome Bill
vbdenny year ago
I heard this way back on DR demento. I was watching Cannibal The musical and I decided in this google age this would be easy to find.
imperialpilotx year ago
Utter brilliance!
kirky year ago
best of health to Old Bill!
Winonasalibi year ago
I've had the CD for a long time and never knew there was a video!
I think this was more than a little inspired by Frank Zanders' "Ur-Ur-Enkel von Frankenstein".
Search here for Frankenstein Zander. I like the " " original you'll find there much better than the remake - but I only see a real video for the latter.
Almost the same music and theme with Frankenstein catching people and using them for spare parts!
You can find the German lyrics and have Google translate.
tttar year ago
The last original .W. song. A fast and loose interpretation of an actual event..
Alferd Packer was the only person in the .S.A. who was ever be convicted of cannibalism. One day in the dead of winter he left Lake City with five men despite warnings of bad weather. In the spring Al returned to civilization but without his companions — and with a lot of money.
Google his name for a good read.
Bill will sign stuff if you send it to him. But please remember to include return postage for your item (and packaging too if thats required) or you may not get it back. Bill is a one-man operation.
Any one who is interested can write to him.
Bill Fries; PO Box Ouray CO
If I send my $ . to Nebraska can I still join the fan club?
bootsycollins year ago
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what the fuck is this shit?
thelatedavidsmith year ago
Stay off these comments if you can't keep a civil tongue in your head.
Tom year ago
no i stand by my statement. this bullshit is NOTHING like convoy.
Love this song! So many songs about Al Packer. Anyone ever see Cannibal the musical from Trey Parker and Matt Stone? An entire movie musical Al Packer. Excellent movie if you can find it. Cheers.
HonkyTonkBuffalo year ago
but he diddnt he die?
polker year ago
No Bill is still alive! Had dinner with him in July .
Any one who is interested can write to him.
Bill Fries; PO Box  Ouray CO
Bill is one heck of a guy and we look forward to seeing him in July.
He just had his th Birth day on November .
Not to my knowledge.
Same CW from Convoy?
polker years ago
Yep. Sure is.  The Rubber Duck Himself.
Tom years ago
You can totally hear the sounds of Mannheim Steamroller in this song. Still the man is amazing.
firstRainbowRose years ago
He doesn't look like he'd have that voice
Excellent though
RubberDucky years ago
C.W Is great
fontheking years ago
is cw still alive??
kix fan years ago
Yes he is. Last i heard he lives on Ouray CO. He Turns Nov
I wish you were my grandpa. I'm always coming back for more!
Videopwnd years ago
WAY TO GO .W.! GLAD to see your back finally!
signmanj years ago
Thanks for posting this. Other than aging a bit he hasn't changed a bit. Read something about him being mayor of Ouray Colorado.
statlerlover years ago
its canibal
al packard was a canibal
he went up looking for gold with other guys and there was a blizzard
when he got back the guys werebt there
and the folks in lake city say that he ate the two guys
so the were to have him hang but he got out and they never found him
andyson years ago
This happens to be my fave video for Halloween as it describes a real-life ghost story the ghosts being the victims of Alfred Packer (found guilty of five counts of murder back in the early 's).
bcschmerker years ago
i would so hate to be one of those dancers with the big hats lol
darkfox years ago
I agree
TJE years ago
Nice. I love his music. To bad his attempt to come back in the early didnt work out.
JJ years ago
Anyone got a copy of "Pine Tar Wars"( McCall ) they can upload?
daveg otu years ago
Look around and you should be able to find CW's web site. Because he retained the rights to his songs he put all of them up for download for free. I got the entire collection there a few years ago (legally).
mushroom year ago
What is the best way to get it to you?
Right Arm Farm Out Out of state. Keep it up
DROBIRTS years ago
anybody know how old is this video and where is he at now?
ORTIZ years ago
He is and in Ouray Colorado.
my friend carl can do that for a job
a dancer
Shingletowner years ago
Absolute magic!
My bad. He was mayor of Ouray CO.
MorrisKitty years ago
Yeah somthing like that.
GumbyandGoo years ago
Last I heard he was mayor of Pagosa Springs but that was quite a while ago and may have been apocryphal. Hmm. Gotta check that out now.
Sadly this was done a little while ago and he is now (I believe) retired.
LandRoverMan years ago
OUTSTANDING!!! I have always wondered what CW McCall was up to lately! I pray he does more stuff like this >: ) LOL!!! Keep it comin!!
wyorattler years ago
The master at work.
Go Al Packer.



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there was no internet, and i'm not old enough to be a first-run b-movie teen; and sadly, only monthly did Key Club God, Guccione, let his publication find it's way, always-bizarrely into my eager young hands, where through textual particulars de le sexe, i am still able to blame and credit both he and Xavier Hooker Hollandaise for any sexual peculiarities AND experteases i may now possess. yes, the art of cunnilingus, was far away.

i'm apparently on the cusp of what is officially the last year in which one can include oneself into the, not unpleasant, except for that movie...oh, shit, where the bb's get together and listen to Motown and sing it in a house, and William hurt is in, this really must stop...i know it from negative reinforcement better than i know my own, something like the something club, no, now I'm thinking breakfast club, okay, ill stop after if get this one out. fuck the other one, what was the other one anyway? good. had a big o horrible soundtrack and the real hardcore baby boozer's/slash/yuppies were way into it and there was huge sucking ensemble of emotive actors emoting and people were drinking wine and singing awful, only through their overkill, Motown and it was named....FEUdk9pu r4tpuf

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