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Young English woman with an open umbrella on her way to work in the morning in the London suburbs - she enters a room, leaving her coat on a couch and to bed in her nightgown.

It turns all sides for two master tailors: blouses, sketches.

The master tailor taking measurements on the woman "Mannequin," dressed in a transparente petite chemise--Le "Mannequin" wearing a courte chemise, is the charm of a master tailor, but in vain.

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Jeune femme Anglaise se rendant à son travail, le matin, dans la banlieue londonienne, avec un parapluie ouvert - Elle entre dans une pièce, quitte son manteau et se couche en chemise de nuit, sur un divan - Elle se retourne de tous les côtés, devant deux maîtres tailleurs, en blouse, centimètre autour du cou, prenant des croquis - Le maître tailleur prenant des mesures sur la femme "Mannequin" revêtue d'une petite chemise transparente - Le "Mannequin", vêtu d'une courte chemise, fait du charme à un maître tailleur, mais en vain.

The French have a growing passion for luxury lingerie.

In a store a mannequin removed a pink negligee that reveals a body of silk and white stockings.

A mannequin in white bloomers and strapless bra, short puffed sleeves.

Interview with Bernard Cathelat (Advanced Communication Centre) who explains this craze for French lace and silk "is carried by a social movement still fun" during this period of restrictions, women want to have fun, to keep the little luxuries that make us believe that we are not in times of shortage and another reason is that many women work, adopt trades, behaviors and men's suits, there is need to Women still feel and retain female underwear to be always ready to seduce."

Mules apartment Satin different colors.

A woman exposing its display case with pretty bustier. A shopping MOATTI Monette ( SABIA ROSA ) extols the qualities of silk underwear "It's soft, it feels good."  She continues while exposing bra panty sets and colorful transparencies:

"Men have very specific tastes and they know perfectly the sizes of their companion and never make mistakes ... sometimes they come to buy a parting gift that they tell us to deliver a quick word.

Two men in a store choosing below alluring.

Chantal THOMASS: a dummy stringing down behind a transparent curtain veil.


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