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Hey everyone, Omar here. In this episode I went to a couple sets and just really had some genuine fun. Check out Liam and Glozell's new show and give everyone you see on Unscripted some love because they all love you the same. As the song goes " As our lives change, for whatever. We will still be friends forever." Damn that song reminds me of the 6th grade. Take a look around at me. Enjoy... Miya Tyler Katilette Liam GloZell Tremain Jon Na Neely's twitter @holleratshamam Take a look around at me. --- Katielette, shaytards, glozell, glozell1, Liam, kelly, shoes, liamkylesullivan, Vitamin C, Graduation, jon na, hayhoestudios, Neely, Unscripted, Thestation2, Maker studios, Omar, BestOmarEver, behind the scenes, free video, Miya, sicktyler