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Our favorite hosts interview our favorite gamer, Layne Pavoggi of the Game Station! Layne: The Game Station: Starring: Ceciley: ‪ Steve Greene: ‪ ‬ Guest Starring: Layne: The Game Station: Created by: Phil Haney ‪ Crew: Executive Producer: Mickey Meyer ‪ Producer: Neely Shamam Production Coordinator: James Demuth DP: Eric Thompson AD: Trent Turner Sound: Sheena Moriarty Art Department: Chris Ahren Editor: Matt Jones Graphic Designer: Lauren Barless --- station2, thestation, "the station", layne, "layne on", "the game station", thegamestation, tgs, "iron gamer", "video games", "tutorials", woop, "black ops", "husky starcraft", "i'm nerdy and I know it", "maker studios" stevegreenecomedy, "steve greene comedy", ceciley, interviews, silly, elevators, "brand new", ohyeahmorgan, awkward