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Wellbeing in the City 5th April 2012 - did you know chocolate has incredible health boosting and vitality properties? Many of us think of chocolate as a guilty pleasure, but more and more research is pointing to the fact is fact a superfood with outstanding properties. Learn more about this magnificent health food and discover how to make your own delicious chocolate treats! Discover the health benefits of chocolate; learn how to make your own raw chocolate & to enjoy different varieties of Chocolate (brownies, smoothies). Raw food expert Chloe Compton runs her own chocolate business -- Chloe's Kitchen. Ever since she watched 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory' she has been fascinated by the world of chocolate. Chocolate in its natural state is the best form of magnesium, chromium, and iron, which are the top three mineral deficiencies found in the US. It's high in vitamin C, omega-6 fatty acids and good source of natural fiber. It's rich in iron, calcium, potassium, sulphur, coper and zinc and is also an antidepressant. It's the number 1 antioxidant on the planet. Thirty times more per gram than red wine and twenty times more than green tea. The problem is that the chocolate we're used to is roasted and processed at high heats that destroy all this good stuff, then it's combined with refined white sugar and milk (which counteracts some of the positives). When eaten raw, meaning never heated over approx. 40 degrees celsius, it is one of the healthiest things on Earth and ...