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On the fall of 2005, New Orleans was in the grip of one of the worst natural and social disasters in American history: Hurricane Katrina. And six days after Katrina hit, it became clear the disaster went beyond rising water, poorly constructed levees, and questionable relief efforts.

On that day, September 4, 2005, at the Danziger Bridge in New Orleans, police officers began shooting at people, wounding four civilians and killing two. All the victims were unarmed. The police fabricated a cover up that involved taking an innocent man into custody.

A year and a half later, the officers were indicted for murder and attempted murder. Last summer, guilty verdicts were handed down. And finally, yesterday, the five guilty officers were sentenced.

Laura Maggi is a reporter for the Times Picayune who’s been following this story closely. She joins us from New Orleans to tell us about the sentencing and aftermath of the Danziger Bridge case.