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This vid is to just let you fellas know that you gotta treat women with respect, cause they will get tired of the bullshit and start sending it back. Happy V-Day to all the ladies out there. Lyrics: Nookid (AKA Pillsburry Dopeboy) - She's cold She's cold could compare ha to a ton-drah First time I met her she gave me the cold shoulder Mistaken for a poser but still held my composure That's when I told her SHE shines like no other We further conversating mentally masturbating Plenty in common love struck without a warning Weeks past and what we had grew even stronger Awaiting every meeting this heart she has conquered Would compare her to summers day, A summer's breeze I could see myself on one knee on a summer's eve Above clouds how I feel like the stratosphere Love clouds judgment, so I dive in without the slightest fear She's checking my phone, suspicious of my whereabouts She wants me home 24/7 like "where you at?" Minor issues turning into major fights Hickeys turning into frost bites, then one night She said it's over you two timing shit bag I hope you get run over and don't forget to get dragged How could you be so heartless thoughtless How could you be so remorseless through all this don't know what you heard but you need to check your sources Been nothing but faithful, no case drop your charges She went from yahtzee to nazi From I love you baby to who you f*cking lately? Mood swings you would have thought she bipolar But hold up, there's some ish I aint told ya ...