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{Suresh 284 }  Game  with last letter: Antaraaksharee


अंतराक्षरी (antraaksharee )


समय बिताने (spend ) के लिए करना है कुछ काम |(Samay bitaaney ke liye karna hai kuchh kaam.)Inorder to spend time, need to do some work.शुरू (start/commence) करो अंतराक्षरी लेकर हरि ( God's name ) का नाम |(Shuru karo Antaraaksharee lekar Hari kaa naan.)Start Antaaraaskharee(a game) taking the name of Hari(lord).Here, the two line sentence ends with नाम. it means one member from team A has totell a sentence starting with म, the last letter of नाम word ( or मु,  मू, ,मा मी, मौ , मो ,),   .Once he or she finishes the sentences from team A ,then a member from team B will have to continuewith the last letter of the sentence told by team A.The team fails to answer a correct answer with last letter of previous team, he/she is defeated. One can continuelike this for sentence,word, film movie name etc. For details ,please listen to this video song or, some examples from Suresh:

Team: A:   मुझ  ( mujh) = Me

मुझ पर रहम  ( mercy ) करो |    - Here the sentence  ended with करो, it means last letter is   रो.  Thus Team B needs to say a  word, thus sentence with   र, रो ,री, रा etc.

( Mujhpar raham karo.)

Have mercy on me.

Team B; To start  a word with    रोना (Rona) cry

रोना  ( crying ) बंद करो |

( Rona band karo. )

Stop crying.

Again incidentally, Team A needs to say a word/sentence with  र, रो ,री, रा

The word is रेलगाड़ी ( train ):


रेलगाड़ी ( train ) खचाखच भरी हुई है |

(Railgaadee khachakhach bharee huyee hai.)
The train is jam-packed.


Team B: To start a word/sentence with  है( hai.) where  Team A ended the sentence last.

हम  ( ham ) We;

हम सब जवान  (young) थे   |

(Ham sab jawaan they. )

We were all young.


Team :A   थक ( thak ) = tired

थक जाने के बाद आराम  (rest/break ) चाहिए |

(Thak jaaney ke baad aaraam chahiye.)

Rest/break is required after getting tired



Team :B  :एक  ( Ek) = one

एक  डाल ( branch ) पर कई तोते (parrots ) बैठे हैं |

(Ek daal par kayee totey baithey hain. )

Many parrots are sitting on a branch



Hope you enjoyed the lesson.


S.Suresh Kumar

An online Hindi tutor


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