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Machinima I no longer wish to be associated with people who censor the internet Here is proof that they did it made by Let me explain the glitch. It is confirmed that Machinima DID file a DMCA based solely on the use of Megan's image in the thumbnail, something Machinima DOES NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO. This is clear abuse of the DMCA. Ric Mendoza has wised up and has retracted the claim which for some reason caused the video to revert to Fullscreen which is the network this guy belongs to. He then contacting his network to get the glitch fixed but it is confirmed by Ric Mendoza of Machinima that they did file a DMCA to censor criticism on the internet. The video has since been restored. Ric Mendoza did not consider that the person he was issuing a bogus DMCA against was also in a Network who could help him get his video back real quick.