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UPDATE: THERE IS A VIEW BOT ON THIS VIDEO THAT IS ARTIFICIALLY INCREASING THE VIEWS. I DON'T KNOW WHO IS DOING IT (ALTHOUGH I HAVE MY GUESSES) BUT I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO STOP IT. IF THIS VIDEO MAKES IT TO THE TOP PAGE I APOLOGIZE TO THE PEOPLE WHO RIGHTLY DESERVE THAT SPOT BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP THE VIEW BOT. THE ISSUE HAS BEEN REPORTED TO YOUTUBE AND I WILL TRY TO HAVE THE VIEWS REMOVED FROM MY VIDEO. I SUSPECT THE VIEWS ARE COMING FROM MOBILE VIEWS SO I TRIED DISABLING THE MOBILE VIEWS BUT IT DIDN'T WORK. IT CONTINUED TO CLIMB. SO MOBILE VIEWS WERE RE-ENABLED. Interesting article on who I think is behind this Here are my analytics showing 97 percent of the views came from mobile devices At 1pm I got an email stating that my contract with Machinima is terminated effective March 30th. Which is fine. If they want to censor free speech I don't want any part of them. Watch this video next Proof that Ric Mendoza admitted that Machinima filed the bogus DMCA We made the news I am seeing a lot of comments about the Yogscast being part of Machinima? I never said that. I said we have a large channel with over a million subscribers trying to censor MeganSpeaks and flag down her channel, which does put their network at risk. I pointed this out because while they are trying to defend their network against censorship, they go right out and censor someone else. I am getting so many questions about ...