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or Difference Between Your Conscious Mind And Subconscious Mind Your conscious mind is the watcher at the gate. It watches everything and it reasons out where the things that enter your conscious mind are true or false. It can decide whether something is true or a lie. Your subconscious cannot reason. It cannot determine whether something is true or a lie. It takes everything as being true. Therefore one can program their conscious mind in they program it with faith. Your subjective mind is open to suggestion. If you tell it that you are fat and will always be fat for example, so it will be.. Alternatively if you tell it that you are thin and full of vitality - well then again - so shall it be.. Your subjective will act on any command you give it - no matter what the command but you must first bypass your objective part of your mind. Anything you try and tell your subjective mind must be done with 100% faith.. This is so important. Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be open to you. As you believe , so shall it be done unto you..