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GameChap and Bertie are on a Fan-Made Map - the Iron Golem Village! - for a thrilling Clay Soldiers battle! Which army shall emerge victorious?MAPSMap creations for possible inclusion in forthcoming battles may be submitted via PM, giving the link to the download. Popular Minecraft themes have a better chance to be selected, I say!BATTLE FORT RULESInstructions: Make an army based on the below rules. Armies shall ONLY be chosen from the comments section, so to have a chance at entering battle, enter your team there! Tally ho!1) Each army has 64 soldiers.2) All soldiers are automatically given a stick and piece of armour.3) Each army can have one King, but this is optional.4) Upgrades cost points. You have up to 64 points to spend on upgrades. The costs are:-) Flint: 16 pts. (max 1)-) Cloth: 16 pts. (max 1)-) Horse: 4 pts. each-) Pegasus: 4 pts. each-) Gold Nugget: 0 pts.-) Glass: 4 pts. (max 1)-) Gunpowder: 4 pts. (max 1)-) Porkchop: 4 pts. each-) Clay: 4 pts. each-) Ghast Tear: 1 pt. each-) Diamond: BANNED-) Blaze Rod: 2 pts. each-) Blaze Powder: 4 pts. each-) Bowl: 1 pt. each-) Iron Ingot: 2 pts. each-) Gravel Block: 4 pts. each-) Slime: 1 pt. each-) Redstone: 4 pts. each-) Sugar: 1 pt. each-) Feather: 1 pt. per 16 feathers (max 64)-) Glowstone: 0 pts. each-) Ender Pearl: BANNED5) Item Descriptions-) Flint: Your soldiers craft sharper sticks for increased melee damage.-) Cloth: Allows your men to use wool padding, giving them better armor.-) Horse: A trusty steed who grants increased speed and armor to his rider.-) Pegasus: A special mount who offers slightly reduced speed, but increased armor and the ability to fly!-) Gold Nugget: Use this to crown a king! Your soldiers will follow him.-) Glass: Gives your entire army an increased vision range of 5 blocks.-) Gunpowder: Plant an explosive charge in one soldier, which activates on death.-) Porkchop: Recovers health. Each porkchop has 4 uses.-) Clay: Can be used to revive your soldiers or horses. (Note: Soldiers will not often use this during a fierce battle.)-) Ghast Tear: Can revive a Brick Doll to fight for your team. (Note: See Blaze Rod and Blaze Powder. Soldiers will not often use this during a fierce battle.)-) Diamond: Transforms one soldier into a superhero! He moves faster, has 20x normal HP and always deals critical hits. This item is currently banned.-) Blaze Rod: Arms one soldier with a fiery melee weapon, setting alight anyone he strikes! Soldiers KOed by fire will be turned into a lifeless Brick Doll. (See Ghast Tear.)-) Blaze Powder: A mighty, single-use charge which grants one soldier the power to one-hit KO any foe, turning them into a lifeless Brick Doll. (See Ghast Tear.)-) Bowl: Equips one soldier with a wooden shield! It reduces damage from both ranged and melee attacks.-) Iron Ingot: Turns one soldier into an armored knight. Knights can't ride horses.-) Gravel Block: Grants your soldiers a ranged attack - throwing rocks! 15 shots per block.-) Slime: Sticks the feet of your opponents to the ground!-) Redstone: Powerful blinding dust which leaves opponents temporarily unable to attack.-) Sugar: Grants a super speed boost to the user. It lasts for one minute.-) Feather: Allows your troops to float to a safe landing if they fall a long distance.-) Glowstone: Makes your troops glow in the dark!-) Ender Pearl: Turns clay soldiers into zombie soldiers. This item is currently banned.