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Join us as we take a journey into falsehood and truth, where the Liberty Conspiracy looks at a new proposal by the current US Administration to offer $10,000 in tax "rebates" for the purchase of "green" cars. Gardner Goldsmith looks at the economics of government trying to pick "the industry" of the "future", looks at the costs of electric cars, and the hidden costs of powering them. He also draws a larger lesson from it -- one that lets us better understand the nature of government and propaganda, government and theft. Gard also looks at the news that the US government wants to reduce even further the amount of copper in pennies and the amount of nickel in nickels. He explains why it is ALWAYS a bad idea to let government have any control over money, and he offers a history of monetary devaluation. Good stuff! With music by Paul Weller ("Around the Lake"), WIRE, The New Bomb Turks, Blue Man Group, The Prodigy, and Midnight Oil! Join us at the Liberty Conspiracy website!Be Seeing You!