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Welcome, fellow-conspirator. We're glad there are others in this minority of people who believe in freedom.In this portable production of libertarian ideas, we study a few contemporary issues, and derive long-lasting points. In hour one, Gardner Goldsmith looks at the pop media's attempt to convince people that government "bailouts" (ie redistribution of wealth to failing companies that consumers had chosen NOT to frequent) are somehow good "investments" and help the economy. Gard shows you what the pop media DIDN'T tell you, and shows how GM isn't a company that's succeeded on its own merit.Then, Gard looks into the 70th anniversary of the US government's internment of Japanese Americans. He studies it and looks at other areas where people are interned, and how people don't notice... That, and a critique of a military guy telling a convenience store worker the kid should join the Army and "get outta this dead-end job".We don't pull punches, and we feature music by Midnight Oil, The Saints, Blue Man Group, Danko Jones, "Demons", and The Psychedelic Furs!Be Seeing You!