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The last of the main series of videos for Sonic Generations. Truly a great game worthy of the Sonic name, which is something a couple of games can't say the same for. However, the Time Eater is...certainly a low point for the game. Anyways, I'll probably perpetuate the series a bit more by going through more levels with alternate music from the Sonic series. Think of it as my own personal celebration of the franchise's 20th birthday. Let me know in the comments if you guys have any preferences for music/stage/boss combos in mind and I'll keep a mental tally and make the most demanded ones happen. Keep in mind that I'm not limiting myself to the alternate music that's just in this game; even though it's a great selection, the Sonic series has hundreds of other great songs that went under the radar for this game. No stages/bosses I've already done though. Going through and having multiple runs of the same stage would make the possibilities endless...x_x