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Shank 2 review. Classic Game Room reviews SHANK 2 for PlayStation 3 PS3 (also available for Xbox 360 and PC) from Klei Entertainment and EA, a downloadable side scrolling action game with comic book style art and slick controls. Shank does just what his name says, he shanks bad guys by the hundreds and mangles them with a variety of weapons like machetes, chainsaws and hand grenades. Shank 2 is a hilariously fun game with clever controls and excellent gameplay. Players will enjoy a storyline mode, survival mode (complete with some co-op multiplayer) and numerous unlockables. CGR Shank 2 video review features awesome Shank 2 gameplay from PS3, which is a downloadable game available from PlayStation Network and Xbox Live (and PC). Shank 2 is great, 2D action side scroller video game fun!