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#LeapVlog No. 15 of 29 -- Vlogs Every Day in Feb 2012 SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ANDRE VLOGS: MAIN YOUTUBE CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE TO BLACK NERD COMEDY: Andre Eats Day-Old Valentine's Candy -- As promised, I wait until the day after Valentine's Day to buy a bunch of Valentine's candy from the store... which is the same as regular candy! I also almost choke on M&M's, that's why this vlog is so short. ASK ME QUESTIONS ON YOUTUBE OR: Twitter -- #LeapVlog Facebook -- FormSpring -- Tumblr -- JOIN MY APP: SHOP AT THE BLACK NERD STORE: ANDRE Personal Vlogs, Videos, Events and Q & A - Uncut and Uncensored - from Andre Meadows, the man behind Black Nerd Comedy. TAGS yt:quality=high andre vlog "video blog" AndreMeadows black nerd comedy BlackNerd one day old later after valentine valentines day candy chocolate hershey kisses m&ms ms brown pink red white love single forever alone dessert food epic meal time delicious funny silly goofy laugh jokes choke leapvlog "Video Blogging" McRib