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Gabrielle Union sits down with BlackTree TV to talk about the mortality of her career, break ups, and Tyler Perry in this interview for Good Deeds. As Wesley's bond with Lindsey deepens, he begins to question for the first time his seemingly perfect relationship with his fiancée Natalie, played in the film by Gabrielle Union (TYLER PERRY'S DADDY'S LITTLE GIRLS, BAD BOYS II, "Flashforward," the upcoming THINK LIKE A MAN). Explains Union, "Natalie's a princess and Wesley's Prince Charming. They come from great families. They went to the right schools. They should be together, they should be happy, but they're both completely unfulfilled." "They're the billion dollar couple on paper," adds Perry, "but she's completely bored in the relationship and he's completely lost in it. I think it happens to a lot of people in life. You settle, because you don't want to be alone, or because you're told, 'This is what you're supposed to do.'" While in lesser hands Natalie might have been reduced to a status-obsessed caricature, Union and Perry were careful to lend the character a complex humanity. "We wanted light to shine from Natalie when we see her, as opposed to being bitchy and pretentious and looking down her nose at Lindsey," explains Union. "The first time she sees Lindsey, she's like, 'Oh my god, you're so cute! We should hook you up with Bob in accounting!'" "Gabrielle really made sense of Natalie," says Hall. "The audience understands why Wesley would be with Natalie, because ...