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Mike opens the show by thanking everyone for their continued communication. Al asks a favor - help us out by posting a review of our show in the iTunes music store. Here's a link that will take you to our page where you can write a review:

Click here to go and write a show review for PSN

Joe SatrianiJoe Satriani Update:
Joe just keeps getting cooler and cooler lately. On his web site you can now listen to his new album Super Colossal in its entirety...f.r.e.e! You can also watch the new video of the title track as well as a 27-minute video feature of band rehearsals for the upcoming Super Colossal tour. Great behind the scenes stuff!

As an added bonus you get to see Joe Riverdance! Here's the link to the page on where you can access all of this cool content:

Click here for Joe Satriani's Super Colossal media page
Viewer Mail:
Grae Smart writes: "I know that to send two tracks to a reverb, you put the reverb on an aux track and then send the tracks to it. You can control the amount with the send fader. However, when I want to compress two tracks, say two vocal tracks while recording, I don't think it works the same way. I think you need to send each track through its own compressor. Otherwise transients from one would affect compression on the other. What's your opinion?"

Celebrity Interview:
Al explains that a while back he found another podcast about home recording that he really enjoyed called Home Studio And Audio Review. Unfortunately, it's no longer being produced, but all of the shows are still available for download.

Mike and Al caught up with one of the hosts of the show, Mr. Matt Long. In the interview Matt passes the torch to PSN for a new style of Trivia Question he used to feature on his podcast.

Click here to visit Home Studio And Audio Review

"The Womanizer"Gear Review:
Mike reviews two new interesting guitar pre-amps/recording interfaces from Damage Control. They are both based on a dual 12AX7 tube design. They both feature:

Analog Tube Circuit Designs 2 channels (Engage and Nuclear) Premium Analog Opto-Compressor Comprehensive EQ Direct Recording Out With Cabinet Simulation
Several demo clips are presented for your listening pleasure.

Click here to visit the Damage Control web site
Answer To Last Week's Trivia Question:
Due to our tenth anniversay show last week, there was no trivia question.

This Week's Trivia Question:
As you heard in the interview with Matt Long, this week is the first of a special How'd They Do That? edition of the trivia question.

Q: There was a special guitar sound, often referred to as "the talking guitar" used by artists like Peter Frampton in the song Show Me The Way, Joe Walsh in his song Rocky Mountain Way and Richie Samborra on the latest Bon Jovi hit It's My Life.

How'd They Do That? Send us your answers!

Don't forget you can also send us your audio comments in MP3 format.

James BluntBlog Extra:
Mike recommends checking out a relatively new star on the scene, James Blunt and his album Back To Bedlam. "Interesting sound. He really rocked the house on Oprah last week!" He currently has the #6 Single and #3 Album in the iTunes Music Store.

See you next week!

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