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IK Multimedia's Stealth Plug


DUY Big Giveaway!

DUY Native Goes Mac Intel

Celebrity Interview:

Carlo SantosAl ran into a nice web site off of one of the many listeners on our Frappr map. His name is Carlo Santos, and his music really captured my attention. Al contacted Carlos and they sat down for a conversation about his art, his influences and how he developed the many different styles he uses. And of course, the gear he uses to put it all together.

Carlo's Web Site

Revalver Guitar Plugin

The Stupid Knob:

Universal sues MySpace!

Viewer Mail:

1) Doug McGee has an audio comment on power issues

2) Shane Hendricks comments on the whole Universal/MySpace debacle

3) Matthias from Mexico wants to know about PZM mics

4) Allen Riege has nice things to say. :)

Answer To Last Week's Trivia Question:
Q: The MP3 format has literally revolutionized the music business. When was it invented?

A: Here's the progression and the history. In 1987 the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany began research code-named EUREKA project EU147, Digital Audio Broadcasting. In April 1989 Fraunhofer received a German patent for MP3. In 1992 Fraunhofer's audio coding algorithm was integrated into the MPEG-1 standard. On November 26, 1996 a United States patent was issued for MP3.

Congratulations to Tim Bush, this week's winner of a copy of Guitar And Drum Trainer, courtesy of Ryan Smith over at Honorable mention also goes out to George Leite.

See you next week!

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