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Mike gets new gear!

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Tronical Power Tune System

Featured Performance:

We recently featured a news item about the sad and untimely death of Brad Delp of the band Boston. Michael Masse wrote us about this and a tribute he's produced. Michael writes, "I wanted to share with you a recording I recently completed as a tribute to Brad Delp, the lead singer of Boston who passed away recently. When I heard the circumstances surrounding his death, a suicide, it broke my heart. That someone who brought millions of people so much joy could feel so sad and alone—there’s no thought more tragic to a fellow musician and fan.

"One of my favorite Boston songs has always been A Man I’ll Never Be from Don’t Look Back. That song hits home for me even more now. It expresses a feeling of inadequacy that I think we all can relate to at some point, and I expect that song gave Brad some comfort, too.

"Here’s my humble rendition—it’s sort of an acoustic arrangement. I could never do Brad's voice justice, but I wanted to record it to mark his passing. I performed all the vocals and music, and recorded and mixed it in my home project studio. The chain was a Neumann TLM49 into a Pacifica pre amp then through my RME Fireface 800 into Cubase 4."

Thread about this song on GearSlutz forum

Viewer Mail:

Michael Hacker: More JayZ/Beyonce Going To Apple Rumors

Charles Dye: JCB by Nizlopi - Video

Jan: New Izotope Podcast

Mark Rufino: SM57 Mic Mod

Mike Schettler: Ultimate Cannon Rock Video (see below)


How PSN is produced and recorded.

Gear Review:

We were having an in-depth discussion about mics with Slau a couple of days ago and we got to comparing mics that we've both used and mics that he has in his closet that we haven't used. Two of his favorite mics are the Audio Technica AT4033 and the Mojave Audio MA-200. Time for a shoot out!

Mojave Audio MA-200      Street: $995.00
Large-Diaphragm Tube Cardioid Condenser Mic
Hand-selected 3-micron gold-sputtered capsule
Jensen audio transformer
Military-grade JAN 5840 vacuum tube
Includes power supply, shock mount, case and cables
Slau's comment: My new go to mic, especially for vocals.

Answer To Last Week's Trivia Question:

Q: The song, Light My Fire was recorded and released at approximately the same time by two different artists. The more famous one today is by Jim Morrison with The Doors, but the song was equally successful by another singer/guitarist. Who is he?

A: Jose Feliciano!

This week's winner is Steve Sawyer! Congratulations, you're taking home a copy of Guitar and Drum Trainer courtesy of Ryan Smith over at

Honorable mention goes out to Steve Ayon, John Demetre, Chris Cowan, Keith Sommers, Tom Franklin, Robert Willey and Roger Miller and Don Howatt, who both called in their answers using our Listener Hot Line: (928) 395-1343. Great job!

See you next week!

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