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Viewer Mail:

Audio Comment From Stu at

Brandon Hire From The Metal Shop Podcast

The Heavy Metal Box

Dave Duffus Of Sound Logic Studio

Steven Slate Drums

Michael Hacker's Talent Database Profile

Peter Day Is Looking For Some Tracking In San Franciso

Feature Story:

Brandon S. Hire writes two heartfelt songs for loved one that have passed away.

Brandon's Web Site

To find the songs Karen and Thoughtless go to the Media section, then click on Audio, then on Orphan Album Preview.

The Stupid Knob:

Keith Richards - Did he, or didn't he? I'll bet he did!

Answer To Last Week's Trivia Question:

Q: Big Al and his wife have the opportunity on occasion to hang with a celebrity here and there. We'll name three celebrities that his wife has interacted with. You tell us which one kissed her on the lips. 1) Kurt Russell, 2) Charo or 3) David Crosby.

A: Charo! Cuchi! Cuchi!

Congratulations to this week's winner, Patrique Osbourne! Patrique is a reigning champion so the prize goes to the next fastest answer and that was Dan Leuders! Ah, but Dan is a Mac guy so he has graciously donated his prize to the next fastest responder, and that's Christopher Ray. Congratulations Chris! Send us an e-mail and claim your prize. He'll be taking home a copy of Guitar and Drum Trainer courtesy of Ryan Smith over at

Also with the right answer and garnering Honorable Mention is Dave Jackson of the Musician's Cooler podcast at and Stuart from Victoria, BC, who phoned in his answer using our Listener Hotline.

Special honor goes out to Patrick Abbas. While he didn't have the correct answer, his line of reasoning showed that he's been paying attention to the little details for a long time here at PSN. Thanks Patrick!

Information On Merv Griffin

See you next week!

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