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On this week's podcast we've got News, Crosstalk, A Spotlight segment, Sessions With Slau and we tweak The Stupid Knob!


Beta Monkey Music Drum Werks XII

Microsoft's My Song Software

More Info On The Return Of Vinyl

Toontrack's EZ-player Pro

A New Generation Of Melodyne: Direct Note Access


Dave Chick shares a great Jeff Healy story

Trent Reznor strikes a chord with new offering

Ryan Jackson, Assistant Professor of Music/Technology at Minnesota State University Moorhead, gets his new pair of Fat Head II ribbon mics.


5-time Emmy Award-winning post mixer John Davidson returns with a great primer on understanding compression.

He's currently mixing for PBS, National Geographic HD, The Discovery Channel, and many others. He recently did the 5.1 mix for the King Tut Exhibit, which is traveling the world. John is an expert in surround sound mixing, including Pro-Logic, 5.1 and Dolby E.

He also has a vast background in live mixing working with national acts like Dave Matthews, Alison Kraus, Marty Stuart and a host of others.

Over the past several years he's served as a Chief Panel Judge on Audio Mixing/Sound Design and Music Composition for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, as well as being a Panel Judge for the ITS Monitor Awards.

John is also recovering from back surgery. Get well soon John!

A Basic ADSR Envelope

Compression Example A - ADSR Envelope

Compresion Example B - Ratio

Compression Example C - Attack/Release

Compression Example D - Soft/Hard Knee

Diagram Of A Side Chain (Keying)

Sessions With Slau

This week, Slau takes us right into the studio with him on a recent session.

Link to the video for which he was recording a soundtrack:

Site of the composer/drummer/bassist on the piece, George Hrab:

Trumpet player Andy Kowal's site:

George Hrab scrutinizes Slau's every move at the board.

Slau applies his technical wizardry while
Andy Kowal and George Hrab look on in amazement.

Andy and George can hear the difference when
Slau is behind the mix!

The Stupid Knob:

1) No more Springsteen? That's a stabbing.

2) Harry Connick Jr. pays his band to do nothing.

3) John Denver karaoke? That's a shooting.

4) FedX (KFed, aka Kevin Federline) got how much?!

Answer To Last Week's Trivia Question:

Q: James Brown holds the record for most US Hot 100 entries without ever scoring a number-one song. How many Hot 100 entries did he have?

A: 99!

This week's big winner is Dan Ryker! He takes home a copy of Guitar And Drum Trainer courtesy of Ryan Smith over at Honorable mention goes out to Michael Leonard, Aaron Leigh, Dennis McFall, Carlos Marquez, Bert Van Daele, Daniel Murray, Adam Unser, Brian Plamondon and Aaron Stuart!

See you next week!

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