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This week’s show is exclusively sponsored by Cascade Microphones, home of the popular Fat Head ribbon mike that you’ve heard in a number of shootouts here on the show, which starts at just $149 US. And, check out their newest models, the Michael Jolly Edition Gomez ribbon mic and the Cascade C77, AES 2008 Par Excellence Winner.
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Bill Camarata’s Box Of Sound: Box of Sound #34 – Love The Surface Noise, Man

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Trent Reznor Digg Interview

Marco Sfogli plays on a Larry Carlton style backing track

Celebrity Interview:

Charles DyeWe are proud to welcome back as our guest multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning engineer, mixer and producer Charles Dye, who began his engineering career in 1992.

Since that time he's mixed hits for Ricky Martin, Sammy Hagar, Julio Iglesias, Jimmy Buffet, Crease and Jon Bon Jovi. He's also recorded artists such as Aerosmith, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira (*WOWZERZ*) and Gloria Estefan, among many others.

This is Part #2 of a multi-part interview.

John Ralston's Official Site

Mix It Like A Record

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Click to hear Charles' recent productions and mixes!

The Stupid Knob:

"The Nuge"• Ted Nugent offers security services to Paul McCartney.

• Incompetent burglar badly bungles drum theft.

• Wisconsin man battered singer over lousy heavy metal karaoke.

• Amy Winehouse wants to write a children’s book?

• Coolio injured in stage dive.

• Man accused of attempted murder with a guitar

Trivia Contest:

It's time to announce ALL the winners in the Ribbon Mic Giveaway!

See you next show!

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