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Brockwood Park, Aug./Sept. 1982, Day 1: "What can we do in this world?" About the situation in the world. "What can we do?" Separateness, "You are the mankind." Materialism, How to observe? "Can we life without a cause?" (Brockwood Park, Aug./Sept.1982). 2: "What has happened to mankind?" About Individuality, Thought, Isolation, Security, the Limitation of the Brain, Conflict, Ideology, Thought, Desire, Sensation, Time, Fear and the Cause (Brockwood Park, Aug./Sept.1982). 3: "The Intelligence which brings order and peace." About Peace, Inteligence, Order, the Self, Thought, Knowledge, Justice, Goodness, Freedom, Sorrow, Memory and Time (Brockwood Park, Aug./Sept.1982).Day 4 (last talk): "The beauty of death as part of life." About War, Relationship, Beauty, Living without a Cause, Death, Religion, Meditation and Silence (Brockwood Park, Aug./Sept.1982).