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There are many facts and fiction about network marketing floating around the Internet. Some say it is impossible, while many others prove through successful steps that it is not. Some say it is about getting rich off the backs of others, some say it is getting rich which is it and, what are the facts about opportunity within the MLM industry? Let's take a look together. There are many facts and fiction when it comes to the successful stories and horror stories within the MLM world. Simply put, you just have to get all your questions answered before you join and understand that success is dependent upon your leadership with those that partner with you. The real truth about network marketing is that it has it's share of bad publicity and good publicity, it has it's ups and downs. Network marketing opportunities however are still here and still pumping out successful people, every day people like yourself. the difference is that they put forth the effort and completed their due diligence before they joined. They knew what the opportunity expected of them and they knew what to expect from themselves.