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This began as my Anti-SOPA song...but turned into so much more...AVAILABLE ON ITUNES: and"Oh, Internet"Written by: Hannah Hart and Creator&Distractor ( by: Dan Dobi ( your @harto (on twittah! on Facebook! HARTO SWAG: http://mydrunkkitchen.spreadshirt.comLYRICS:It's a love song from my harto to yours.lyricsOOOH INTERNETOOOH INTERNETthis constant refresh well they say it's the death of us, babybut I like what you do and the way that you change on the dailywhen I walk down the street only strangers I meetbut I can shake loneliness in just a tweetinterneti don't want to lose youoh internetif you were a pokemon I'd choose youoh internetkeep me on your feedI synch to you pretty much constantlyOOOH INTERNETOOOH INTERNETevery now and then I go and check on the mailcause when there are physical letters consistency failsoh these bills everyday,lest they be autopayare easy to ignore....anywayinterneti don't want to lose youOOO INTERNEToh internetyou're the only love that's trueoh interneti'd make out with your facelater tonight let's meet in cyberspaceoh but I can't get by unless there's wifiis this a drug that I needthere is no other wayI am at home all dayso that my torrents can seedyou just don't get itcause you're not on redditand if you want me to go outjust make sure that there'sinterneti don't want to lose youOOH INTERNEToh internetboo boo be boo boo-boopOOH INTERNEToh internetI wrote you this songand if you like it then you all can sing along