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Show #40: Linux Journal, Moves Sites, and the Poddys!
01:12 - Kelly is always drunk 02:11 - Kelly is depressing 04:05 - Jon's Linux Journal articles are out 06:45 - February's Linux Journal was written entirely by 4 people :) 07:30 - Linux World Net is shut down and being archived 08:15 - Matt from LWN's Linux Newbie has started up Linux Neophyte. Visit! 10:00 - We have moved to Libsyn. Oh, if you're reading this or listening to the show then you probably know that. 11:45 - The show feed has both MP3s and OGGs in it right now.  Need time to sort that out and customize the blog, etc. 12:15 - Jon has a new server coming.
12:20 - Kelly has a problem and Jon is an ass who capitalizes on it 15:50 - Jon is getting a new server from Sub300
18:00 - Kelly thinks Jon tries to get everything by her under the guise of "economics" 20:00 - The Zero Footprint PC 22:30 - Kelly's Corner: FC 6 and The Poddy's
28:00 - Listener Feedback: Magnus says Jon's music sucks31:15 - Song: Uncle Seth's To Be an Angel from The Podsafe Music Network35:00 - Close out
Linux World Net is shutting down
Song: Uncle Seth's To Be An Angel from the Podsafe Music Network Sub300:The Zero Footprint PC Sub300: Jon's new server box
Jon's Linux Journal Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server article Jon's Linux Journal Citadel article Matt's Linux Neophyte blog The PoddysJon is using Sabayon Linux
Show email: thejakattack@gmail.comFrappr map: JaK Attack is part of the Blubrry Network