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Like us on Facebook -- Follow us on Twitter -- Find out more about THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS -- To see a different side of fame, you have to think out of the box ... literally. THE MORTIFIED SESSIONS cracks opens a mystery box of the most revealing mementos from a celebrity's past to shed light on who they are today. From embarrassing teenage photos to love-sick song lyrics, our treasure trove of personal history is always full of surprising and insightful revelations. Whether we lift the lid on laughter or tears, every item is a turning point in a life's journey. Hosted by the creator of the nationwide performance sensation and bestselling book series, Mortified, Dave Nadelberg, every episode of The Mortified Sessions introduces you to the true person behind the image. And just as Facebook gives our memories new life, we now can all see a little bit of ourselves in our favorite celebrities. Bryan Cranston's libido got the best of him when it came to becoming a police officer or hanging with the chicks.