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its taken me a long time but i'm finally level 50 on star wars the old republic. i've only really started to enjoy all aspects of the game from around 45 - this i encourage all players to do as the game is full of hidden gems of fun. i've been playing swtor casually since release and also played in the beta where i decided not to roll republic as i originally planned. the bounty hunter is a great class with epic moves and companions that make the game a breeze. the companion system is awesome. if you like to afk a lot in a game and play super casually like me then you will enjoy this aspect of star wars. also i reached 10000 affection points with mako. this is done by purchasing gifts from the vendor in the empire fleet and by getting higher level gifts by sending all your companions on missons. further info on companions - source wikipedia The game features a passive form of crafting, known as Crew Skills, in which a player's companions carry out gathering and crafting tasks asynchronously to the player's adventures out in the world. Each class gets five companions via their storyline with two additional secret companions available via other means. The player can assign up to five companions to perform up to 3 various skills. Crafting skills allow the player's companions to create items, and the player can reverse engineer many items to gain materials for higher grade equipment. Gathering skills allow the player or their companions to gather resources ...