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or How To Shave Video Series • Shaving Video Part 1 "An Introduction to Shaving" (15 minutes) • Shaving Video Part 2 "Know your equipment, Know your face, Master the art form" (14 minutes) • Shaving Video Part 3 "The Shaving Process: Preparation" (10 minutes) • Shaving Video Part 4 "Getting comfortable, Opening up your pores" (5 minutes) • Shaving Video Part 5 "Go with the grain, Using your razor, Cleaning your razor" (4 minutes) • Shaving Video Part 6 "Getting a closer shave, Going against the grain" (17 minutes) Many young males are not taught how to shave properly. In some cases young males do not have their fathers present to guide them through the shaving process. In this video series Lenon Honor shares his knowledge about shaving in hopes of helping young males to master the art of shaving. Though this video series is for young males it is important that older males view these videos and offer their wisdom by posting comments for each video. These comments will be read by younger males and will help them in their learning process. It is also very important for women to view this video series for reasons that are explained in the series introduction. May we all do our part to help young males learn and grow.