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Website Facebook http Twitter YouTube Leaders of the main opposition parties in Scotland have signed a pledge committing them to campaign 'for' the redefinition of marriage at an event held in Holyrood -- But Ruth Davidson has already faced criticism from some of her own Conservative members -- Dr John Sentamu, The Archbishop of York, has said that marriage must remain a union between one man and one woman and it's not the role of state to change it -- Dr Philip Boyce, a Roman Catholic Bishop in Ireland, is being investigated by the police under the country's 'incitement to hatred' laws for delivering a homily that upset a humanist -- Two of the UK's most prominent atheists have clashed over plans to build a £1 million 'temple' for atheists in London -- Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, has called on an American airline to reverse its decision to remove prayer cards from its in-flight meals -- And a paralysed man has spoken for the first time in nearly 20 years -- and told his mum "I love you".